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Ryen B.
"Absolutely best case I’ve gotten or seen!! When my collection gets more I’ll be ordering another one"

Jason B.
"Love the build of this case first off.  Favorite thing about it has to be the shoulder strap so I can have my hands free while at shows"
Timothy O.
"This case is amazing!!! It is exceptionally well-built and has been a game-changer for organizing my higher-end cards."

Easy Organization

Keep your collection organized with included dividers

Unmatched Security

TSA Combination Locks ensure longer lifespan and no malfunctions

No Black Flakes

Durable EVA+ foam won't fall apart and leave black flakes on your slabs

Protection You Can Trust

Built with the highest quality materials

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Frequently asked Questions!

What are Hobby Defense Slab Cases?

Hobby Defense Slab Cases are high-quality protective cases designed to safeguard your valuable collectibles, such as coins, cards, comics, and more. These cases offer a secure and stylish solution to protect, display, and preserve your cherished items.

Are Hobby Defense Slab Cases suitable for various collectibles?

Yes, absolutely. Our Slab Cases are designed with adjustable inserts and dividers, making them versatile for various collectible sizes and shapes. Whether you collect coins, trading cards, stamps, or other items, our cases can be customized to fit your specific collection.

How do Hobby Defense Slab Cases enhance protection compared to regular cases?

Hobby Defense Slab Cases are crafted from premium materials with durability in mind. They offer advanced protection against dust, moisture, and physical damage, ensuring your collectibles remain in pristine condition for years to come.  

Are the graded card cases waterproof or fireproof?

The aluminum cases are not waterproof but are water resistant so you can confidently take them out in the rain.  Just don't go swimming with them.  We will be releasing IP67 waterproof cases in the near future.

The cases are not fireproof as that would require the cases to weigh a lot more than would be comfortable carrying around at a card show.  We recommend getting a fireproof safe and storing it away from walls and corners.

Are these cases suitable for long-term storage?

 Absolutely. Hobby Defense Slab Cases are designed to provide archival-grade protection, making them perfect for long-term storage of valuable collectibles. The materials used are chosen to prevent fading, discoloration, and other types of degradation.

What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely happy with your Hobby Defense Slab Case, you can contact our customer support within the 90 days of purchase for a hassle-free return or replacement.

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Hobby Defense



Non Flake EVA+ Foam

TSA Combination Lock

Shoulder Strap

Comfort Handle

Foam Dividers

Sleek & Sturdy

Hobby Defense Guarantee!

At Hobby Defense, our customer guarantee is a testament to our commitment to your satisfaction. With a focus on excellence and quality, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our Hobby Defense Slab Cases.